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(Carol singing will start 30 minutes before each Mass)        free silhoutte nativity scene patterns | Free Cutting File of the week: Nativity Scene, ... | Cards (Print Sil ...
Christmas Eve – Sunday, December 24
Mass will be celebrated at 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm.
Christmas Day – Monday, December 25 – Mass is at 10:00 am.
Feast of Mary, Mother of God – Sunday, December 31 – Mass is at 4:00 pm
Feast of Mary, Mother of God – Monday, January 1, 2018 – Mass is at 10:00 am


Welcome to Saint Thomas More Parish
15, Caledonia Road,
Dartmouth NS.
B2X 1K7

Mass & Confession Times


Monday: NO MASS
Tuesday: 12:15 pm
Wednesday:9:00 am
Thursday: 9:00 am
Friday: 9:00 am
Saturday: 4:00 pm
Sunday: 8:30 am, 11:15 am


Tuesday: By appointment
Saturday: 3:00-3:45 p.m.


 From the Pastor`s Desk
Welcome New Parishioners!

Otoochukwun behalf of the whole community of Saint Thomas More Parish, I wish to welcome you with joy and affection. We would like you to know that we are grateful to God for the gift of your life and for your presence among us. We equally thank you for choosing to share the gift of your life and faith with us. You are truly a blessing to our faith community.

Our primary mission here at Saint Thomas More Parish is to build a dynamic and Spirit-filled community of faith, where everyone feels welcomed, loved and supported, and encouraged to live and grow in his/her faith, individually and collectively. Please feel free to join and participate actively in any of the ministries we have in our parish, as a way to grow in your faith journey, as well as support other parishioners in their faith journeys.

Because we believe in Christ’s love and mercy for his people, especially those who are in need, the sick, and sinners, we seek to reflect those qualities in our celebrations, our ministries, and in our interactions with each other. It is our prayer and hope that you will find a home among us and that you will experience the loving mercy of our God, the peace of Christ and the joy of the Holy Spirit as you worship and serve in our parish community. We hope that after worshipping and serving God here in this faith community, we may one day come to join the community of the Saints and Angels to rejoice and praise God eternally in heaven. May God bless you and your loved ones! We love you!!

Fr. Toochukwu


St. Thomas More Parish has joined the Divine Renovation Network
During the months of May and June 2017, our Archbishop Anthony Mancini launched the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan – Equip the Saints. He invited every parish to study and adapt the plan to suit their specific mission, vision and values to meet the challenges of the New Evangelization. He appointed Fr. James Mallon as the Episcopal Vicar for Parish Renewal. Part of Fr. James’ duty is to provide support to pastors and pastoral leaders across our Archdiocese. Helping them to implement the Pastoral Plan with some principles from his book “Divine Renovation: From Maintenance to a Mission Church”.
In response to his new assignment, Fr. James visited me last August. In our discussion, he asked me, “Where would you like to see your parish – St. Thomas More in the next five to ten years?” I was reluctant to answer that question because

1) I don’t know if I will be here for that length of time and
2) I don’t know if I will have what is needed to make my vision a reality.

He said, “forget about the obstacles, just tell me what you have in mind.”
I told him that I would like to see a church that is alive and vibrant, a church where parishioners and those who come to worship with us experience the love and mercy of God and the joy of the Holy Spirit. A church where people are empowered to live and bear witness to their faith by using their time, talents and treasures to worship and serve God and the community. A church that is missionary in reaching out to the poor and needy. I would like to see our parish develop our property, build a seniors’ residence to enable us to accompany and support our elderly parishioners when they are no longer able to come to church. Also build a multi-purpose facility where parishioners can volunteer to run free day-care for young families in our parish, provide free food and clothing for those in need as well as free auto-repairs, dental care and free music classes for our youth and children.
Fr. James said, “Wow, that is amazing! He showed me a picture of a mega church in the United States that is doing exactly what I described as my “Vision church”. He invited me to join the Divine Renovation Network (DRN) which is composed of 30 parishes from different parts of the world. These parishes want to become vibrant Mission churches – moving from maintenance to mission.
The objective is to provide coaching and support to pas-tors and parish leadership teams to enable them achieve their vision/goal. Enrollment to the DRN costs $10,000 CAD for one year, but since we are one of the parishes that will be used as a pilot project, the Archdiocese offered to pay 50% of the cost for our parish. After deliberations with the Pastoral Council and Finance Committee, we have decided to join the DRN. On
Friday October 13, I had my first coaching session with Bill Pressprich from Michigan, USA. Soon, we will begin the formation of our leadership team. More update will be provided as things unfold.
DAY OF REFLECTION: On October 14, Fr. James Mallon was in our parish directing a day of reflection. The theme was: From Maintenance to Mission; Evange-lization and Discipleship. He gave a summary of the sta-tistics of our Archdiocese and a brief x-ray of the situa-tion in our churches and the need for the civil
restructuring of our parishes/Archdiocese which
perhaps will take place in 2019. Reality check shows that if we continue to do things the same way we’ve done it in the past, we may be in danger of extinction. Hence, the need for New Evangelization, new methods and new approach. All those who attended the day of reflection left with renewed passion and hope that with the help of God, “WE CAN ABSOLUTELY ACHIEVE OUR GOAL.”
I am therefore inviting all parishioners to come on board so that we can make our parish what God has called us to be –

“Missionary Disciples of Jesus Christ.”



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