I Will Not Leave You An Orphan

The Gospel reading for this week reaffirms the Holy Trinity working in our lives. As Jesus says, “I will ask the
Father, and he will give you another Advocate to be with you always.”  The Son prays to the Father who responds to his prayer with the Holy Spirit (Advocate). The original word for “Advocate” is the Greek word parakletos. This means literally a person summoned to one’s aid, an advisor, an intercessor.  The Holy Spirit is sent to empower and assist us to live a Christian life.  The holy spirit is also the spirit of love, a love that is shared between God, Jesus, and his people, namely you and me.

The one line from the gospel that I can’t seem to get passed is when Jesus says, “I will not leave you an orphan”.  The reason I am so focused on this one line is because of a conference I attended this past weekend.  The conference was attended by all the Deacons who speak for Chalice across the country.  We asked a question to the Deacons.  Why do they go out on weekends and advocate for the children?  We wondered what motivated them, as many have spoken for Chalice for many years.

One of the longest serving Deacons got up to speak and told us about going to Guatemala and visiting an orphanage there.  He said that the babies there were often two to a crib, and that sometimes the babies were on mattresses on the floor, and the sisters would struggle to feed and care for them all.  The Deacon said he didn’t want to touch the babies because they were so small, he was afraid to hurt them.  Later he felt like he should have touched them, because they needed that touch.  From that moment on, the Deacon dedicated himself to advocating and fighting for children in poverty.  One child at a time, he continues to do that, even at the age of 76 years old.

I truly believe that the holy spirit is working in the Deacon’s life, and the 3rd person of the trinity prompted him, to become the advocate for the poor and marginalized of society.  This spirit of love comes from God and Jesus, and runs through the Deacon, and because of this love, he has transformed many lives.

Jesus never leaves us orphaned, because as he says, the spirit dwells in us, and guides us in the Christian life.  At the same time though, Jesus calls on us to share the spirit of love with others, and do his work here on earth.  This week, let us ask the holy spirit to enter deeper into our lives, and then look for ways to transform other people’s lives by sharing the gifts of the spirit in love.

 God bless you all
Deacon Dan MacDonald