Finding our Bridge

The Gospel of Mark relates a story very familiar to us when the Lord calls His first Apostles to “come after me.” This is in effect the calling heard by Jonah, and what Paul was trying to emphasize to us. Before the calling, however, Jesus says again, “The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the Gospel.”
I have been thinking a lot about the word repent, and what it really means to repent from something, and as usual I think the answer just fell into my lap.
I was watching a new series by talk show host David Letterman where he does one hour in depth interviews with politicians and celebrities. The interviews are really well done, in this particular episode Letterman interviewed former President of the United States Barack Obama. The two were speaking about the marches on Selma back in 1965. The first march took place on March 7, 1965, organized locally by Bevel, Amelia Boynton, and others. State troopers and county possemen attacked the unarmed marchers with billy clubs and tear gas after they passed over the county line, and the event became known as Bloody Sunday. Law enforcement beat Boynton unconscious, and the media publicized worldwide a picture of her lying wounded on the Edmund Pettus Bridge.
The second march took place March 9. Troopers, police, and marchers confronted each other at the county end of the bridge, but when the troopers stepped aside to let them pass, Martin Luther King led the marchers back to the church.
Towards the end of that part of their conversation David Letterman said he was deeply moved by learning about the marches, and he relayed a story about what he was doing on March 8, 1965. Letterman said I was travelling to Flor-ida with buddies and we were going to party all week with his friends. And then he asked himself, “ Why wasn’t I on that bridge in Selma?” I should have been there too, marching with the others.
I think at that moment David Letterman was repenting, he felt sorry for his inaction, but I think at the same time he found His calling. God calls us to repentance from sin of course, but He is also calling us to find our mission in the world and in essence “find our bridge”. When Jesus calls us to come and see, He want us to “find our bridge”, that one thing in our life that allows us to glorify God, and help to build his kingdom to the earth, while at the same time helping those who are persecuted or marginalized. Be it fighting for civil rights, working to alleviate poverty, or maybe it’s helping children and adults through catechises, Jesus wants us to find our calling. So ask Him today to lead you on your personal journey by answering his call, and to “come after me” and to begin a life changing
journey that will stretch you and challenge you to go deeper in love with Him, and to change the world at the same time. Now more than ever we need agents for change in the world, and God wants you to be part of it.
God bless you all, Deacon Danny