What are Connect Groups?

Connect Groups are a place of authentic community. They are mid-sized faith sharing groups of 15-35 people. Meeting every two weeks, they are coordinated by a layman and are places where our members are known, loved, and cared for in a way that could never happen if it was simply up to the priest or the parish staff. We draw our inspiration from the book Divine Renovation:

“Does the gathering of a group of often isolated and anonymous individuals under the same roof for an hour constitute a community? I think not. Authentic community is a place where we are known and loved. It is a place where we find others to whom we are accountable and who are accountable to us.”
— Fr. James Mallon, Divine Renovation

What happens at Connect Groups?

At Connect Groups, members gather for a shared meal, watch a talk, have small group discussion, and time of praise and worship music. Children and families are welcome!

Below are some of the topics that Connect Groups will cover:

The Journey of Faith
God is Love
God Reveals Himself to Us
What is the Bible?
The Story of Salvation
Who is Jesus?
The Holy Spirit, the Breath of God
Why Do I Need the Church?
Mary and the Saints
Death, Judgment, Heaven & Hell
The Spirit and the Sacraments
Confession: Where are you?
Confession: An Encounter with Mercy
Confession: Embraced in Mercy
Eucharist: God is With Us
Eucharist: The Great Story
Eucharist: Bread for the Journey
Matrimony & Holy Orders
A Catholic Moral Vision
Discovering Authentic Love
Building a Civilization of Love
The Dignity of the Human Person









How can I join a Connect Group?

Connect Groups will start soon at Saint Thomas More.

We’ll have more information on how to join soon! In the meantime, contact our Pastoral Associate Becca Arend at becca.stmparish@gmail.com with any questions or comments.