Sowing In Good Soil!

This past weekend I was travelling through PEI, and I couldn’t help but be struck by the many farms that I passed by growing everything from grain, to corn, to of course…..potatoes.  I wondered what it must be like to rely on the right mix of sun and rain in order to have a healthy crop for the year.  It felt to me that it was truly an act of faith to farm the land year after year and rely on the grace of good weather.

As I drove by I noticed there were some fields that had no crops on them, then I remembered way back in high school when they would talk about leaving some fields bare for a year, so that the soil could be better prepared for another year.  This reminds me of the Gospel reading for this week when Jesus speaks of good soil and the journey that many will have to go on before they come to know Jesus in a more intimate way.  The best way I can explain this is through a friend of mine and his journey to Christ.

Ten years or so ago, I worked with someone who, despite the efforts of his wife and others, just did not embrace a life of faith.  He was pretty respectful of people’s beliefs, but it just didn’t sink into his heart.  He would go to church for a while, but then he would stop again.  However, if you fast forward about ten years to a few weeks ago, I finally reconnected with him.  The transformation in him now is incredible, he is on fire for the Lord, and when I was speaking with him, his relationship with Jesus is now seeping through his pores.  I had no idea this had happened in his life, and I found myself thinking “who is this guy”? that I was talking to!

It so reminds of this week’s reading because when I knew him before, I could see the sowing that was happening by his wife and her faith community, and I always hoped it would lead to a conversion….and boy did it ever!   Somewhere in the past ten years, the power of the Holy Spirit worked a miracle in his life, and at some point he must have been open to or invited Jesus into his heart because now Christ is there.  It was a real encouragement to me because we all want our friends and family to find Jesus, and sometimes it feels like they never will. However, Jesus is here to tell us that even when it seems bleak, He is there preparing the good soil in order for the seeds we sow to bear fruit in our loved ones. Even some of our greatest saints in the church have taken years to come to Jesus in their lives.

God bless you all
Deacon Dan MacDonald


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