Waiting like we’re a child again!

I’ve been recently thinking a lot about waiting, in light of today’s gospel, and about being prepared. I also couldn’t help but think about my own childhood, and wait-ing for Christmas. My trigger was the “Christmas Wish book”. When that came out, it for me that was the official start of Christmas. The funny thing was that it would come out earlier and earlier every year, so I was in full Christmas mode around September 15th of each year. Probably drove me parents crazy.
The gospel reading from Mark asks us to be on guard, and to wait for the coming of the Lord. I wonder if Jesus is asking us to wait and anticipate the coming of the Lord in a more childlike fashion.
As we move into Advent, we begin preparing for Christmas, and are preparing for a busy four weeks leading up to Christmas. Along with all the activity, often there is a sense of worry and anxiety as we are making sure we have a “perfect” Christmas. There are many things to think about, like buying gifts, and then sending them in time. Will there be enough money for everything? Will so and so argue with so and so during Christmas dinner? These are just a few things that may go through our minds. Children though, never think of those things, they just think about the good things associated with Christmas. I feel as though if we waited more like a child would, that we might get more out of Christmas. Something else kids do is they talk about Christmas often to their parents about how excited they are about what’s coming. Let’s follow that example as well, and talk to the father in heaven about how excited we are that Jesus is coming to us, and to give thanks for all the gifts that he will bring to us. As well, Fr. Toochukwu gives us some wonderful instruction in the bulletin and the website about praying together as a family this Advent season. If we follow this, surely our Christmas experience will be all the richer.
It’s interesting that we talk a lot about bringing our gifts to the parish community, and ultimately back to God. It is also wonderful how so many of you do just that. But one thing I hope you all know is that your presence in this
parish, and community is the greatest present that we can receive. May we all be gifts to each other, and to anyone living on the margins in our community today.
This Advent, no matter what happens, God will come, and he is our source of all truth, beauty, goodness, love, and eternal life. God bless you all, Deacon Dan MacDonald

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