Say YES and let Jesus do the Rest!

For a moment, let’s all think about our day timers. Whether or not it’s electronic or hard copy, for most of us we have the next two or three months planned out already. We know just what we are going to be doing, we know when, and with whom we are going to meet. There is a real comfort in that as well, as most of us like to know what’s coming ahead of time.
Think also about growing up, and having a desire to enter into a certain profession. Likely, you got an education in the field which prepared you to work and be successful in that field. Again, there is a real security in knowing you are prepared for what’s coming in your life.
This makes Mary’s “yes” in my mind all the more remarkable. Think of a 12 to14 year old girl during the time of Jesus, being asked to say yes to God, and to be completely in the dark as to what the future would bring her. I’m sure she would be aware of the coming of the Messiah, and that he would come to save the world. But, I’m also sure that she had no idea that the saviour would come through her. Still Mary said yes. Mary and Joseph knew what society at that time did to unwed mothers, but still she said yes. However, while Mary must have been frightened, she also had a faith in Jesus and allowed her to say yes. She knew that if she said yes, that Jesus would do the rest. This week I learned about a story of a Sister, and a Priest who live in Haiti. They came from very different backgrounds but were both called by God for very special tasks. Father Charles is in the process of building an orphanage in Haiti, that will provide a home for children in an area that is in great need of an orphanage. Sister Therese is creating a spiritual retreat centre and agricultural centre for the people of Haiti. Both projects are in different stages of completion which is remarkable as both ideas started from desire, with no money, or people, or other resources. And of course it was able to progress because both Father Charles and Sister Therese said yes, and Jesus is doing the rest. I don’t mean that we say yes, and then we sit back passively, however when we say yes, Jesus guides us, and helps to take down obstacles that are in our way, Just like he helped Mary, and guided her.
This is our call as well this Advent and Christmas, all we have to do is to say yes, and Jesus will do the rest. I would like to wish you all a Blessed and Merry Christmas.
God bless you! Deacon Dan

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