Funeral Ministry

Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and whoever lives and believes in me shall never die.”  —John 11:25-26


The Loss of A Loved One

The Saint Thomas More Funeral Ministry was formed in 2016 when a group of dedicated and concerned parishioners, under the direction of the Clergy of the Parish, came together to assist grieving families of the community say goodbye to a loved one in familiar surroundings by offering Catholic funerals and wakes. To volunteer to serve in this ministry, contact us.

This ministry provides wakes, large and small, in the Hooper Room of Saint Thomas More and in the Church proper.

Notification of Death

Upon the death of a loved one, please notify the parish. The Parish Priest is then asked to meet with the family for prayer and to start the Catholic funeral arrangements.

Contact List

Parish Office: 902-434-4190

Parish Pastor: Fr. Toochukwu Okafor

Funeral Ministry Coordinators: Cathy Algee & Carmella Robertson

Funeral Receptions: Coordinated by the Current CWL President. Please contact the parish.

Musicians: For musicians, please contact the parish office.

Dartmouth Funeral Homes

A.L. Mattatall Funeral Home
217 Portland

Atlantic Gardens
771 Main Street

Cole Harbour Funeral Home
1234 Cole Harbour Road

Dartmouth Funeral Home
92 Queen Street











Wake & Funeral Arrangements

At this time, it must be determined if the family wants the wake at the Church, or at a local funeral home. The family can also decide to have a reception after the funeral, hosted by the CWL. The date and time of visitation and funeral are arranged at this time.

If the family would like to have the wake at Saint Thomas More, they are normally held between 2-4pm and 7-9pm, or between 6-9pm, if only one wake is being held. The Catholic funeral takes place the next day.

With the acquisition of drapery and furnishings, the Hooper Room and surrounding areas of the Church were re-purposed to serve as the location for the wake.

During the evening of the wake, a prayer service will be led by a parish priest or deacon.

Donations & Costs

To assist the family with the financials associated with the loss of a family member/parishioner, the Funeral Ministry provides visitation services as a service to the family. We gratefully accept goodwill donations, as they continue to enable St. Thomas More Funeral Ministry to provide this service for our community.

Other funeral costs at Saint Thomas More, not associated with the wake, are as follows:

  • A donation to Saint Thomas More parish.
  • A donation made to the presiding priest. Cheques can be made out directly to Fr. Toochukwu Okafor or presiding priests.
  • Reception Costs: as per conversation with CWL Funeral Reception Coordinator. Cheques can be made out to the Saint Thomas More Parish CWL.
  • Music: As per conversation with parish musician. Cheque can be made out directly to the musician.
  • Flowers: As per the florist of choice.

Wakes at Saint Thomas More

As a service to the family, wakes can be held at Saint Thomas More. Please see the photos attached to see the setup of the Hooper Room (for the wake) and the Foyer (to receive those who wish to pay their respects). These rooms can accommodate either a casket or cremation urn.