How Did Jesus Feel?

I have been reflecting on the Gospel passage for a few days, and I can’t help but wonder how Jesus must have felt as He was led to the crucifixion.  My father called Jesus’ death the most horrendous and excruciating death in the history of humanity.  It was years after he said that about Jesus, that I totally figured out what he meant.  Also, a few years back someone told me how hard a time they had watching the movie “The Passion of the Christ”.  When I asked why, he said it was because he was watching his “best friend” being tortured and murdered.  I thought that was very insightful actually, and it got me thinking more about what Jesus must have gone through.

We all know about the terrible, physical pain Jesus must have endured, to be crucified on a cross, the nails through His hands and feet.  However, I think it was the mental and spiritual anguish that He experienced, which would have made it the worst death of all.  How Jesus must have felt when they falsely accused Him, and threaten to put Him to death?  I know when I am falsely accused of something, I want to strike back and defend myself, but Jesus didn’t strike back.  How He must have felt when they made fun of Him, mockingly calling Him the King of the Jews?  How He must have felt when He took my sin, and your sin upon Himself, and made Himself the Lamb to be sacrificed, so we could all have our relationship with the Father restored?  Finally, how He must have felt when they nailed Him to the cross, and slowly His earthly life slipped away?  These are all questions I hope to reflect on over Holy week and the Easter Triduum in order to feel all the emotions that come with the experience of Easter.

I suggest that on Holy Thursday, we pray and keep watch, in anticipation that Jesus’ hour has come.  On Good Friday, may we feel the same hopelessness, and despair that Mary and the apostles felt at the death of Jesus.  May we also feel anger at the injustice that has happened to our “best friend”.  May we also feel thankful though, as deep down we know that Jesus’ death is key to our salvation.  Lastly, once we have felt all these emotions, may we experience joy, happiness, and thankfulness as Jesus rises from the dead at the Easter Vigil, and the Easter Sunday Masses.

May we pray for the grace to have the fullest experience of Easter that we can, shared with our family and friends.  We pray for this grace through Christ our Lord. Amen

God Bless you all,
Deacon Dan MacDonald


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