It is Good to be Here

In the Gospel reading this weekend Jesus takes with him Peter, James, John, and Peter’s brother Andrew. These four men have been with Jesus the longest, ever since being called away by Jesus into a new life. When they reach the top of the mountain, the face of Jesus is transformed and his clothes become a dazzling white.
Next Peter reacts in a way that I imagine many of us would react. He says “Lord, it is good for us to be here. If you wish, I will make three tents here, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah.” Peter’s reaction is to do something, as opposed to simply taking in the moment and the events that are before him. He does this likely because he is excited, and overwhelmed, and even scared. Then the dark cloud comes over them and they hear the voice of God. At that point the apostles fall down in fear, which is also a reaction we would probably have. It seems like the apostles can’t deal with what is happening right
before their eyes.
I feel as though the Gospel passage is telling us to draw closer to the Lord by just being present to him. For me, like the apos-tles, when the glory of God through the holy spirit is revealed before me, I feel the need to do something, even sometimes to resist it, as opposed to just be with God, and to let the moment be a transformative one in my life.
It’s interesting to see how at the side of Jesus, stood Moses, the mighty leader, who had led Israel out of slavery, and Elijah, the greatest of Israel’s prophets.
We are embarking on a time of change in Parish, and in our Diocese. We will need leaders to step up and help us through this process of change, as in just a few short years, things will look very different than they do now. We will also need prophets to encourage change, and demonstrate why the changes need to come. I feel we are very
fortunate to have a great pastor, and a strong leadership team to help us along this time. The same can be said for the Diocese as well, as there are already incredible things happening, by the grace of the movement of the holy spirit.
Our main focus must be on light of Christ as our primary guide, a light that at Mount Tabor had never been seen before. A light which “no fuller on earth could bleach them.” If we keep focus on Jesus, the light of our parish, and the Archdiocese will continue to shine brightly for years to come.
God bless you all, Deacon Danny

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