The Final Judge!

 This week’s reading reminds us that it is the Lord who guides us throughout our lives.  He guides us through our decisions, our problems, and is with us in our joys as well. It is quite a journey of faith that we walk, as we try to live God’s will and try to guide our families and journey with our friends in their journey. In the parable of the weeds, it is made pretty clear that at a later time the weeds will be separated from the wheat.  It is also clear that God is the one who will do the separating, not us.

I see this as an invitation to define people as children of God, not as sinners, not claiming ourselves as judge and jury over someone else.  The best thing we can do is to live along side each other, supporting and loving along the way. We must take care not to be judgmental and self righteous but to make sure we have a solid relationship with God ourselves, and to make sure we are not weeds in our community.

Later Jesus speaks of the mustard seed once again, the smallest seed you can find.  Jesus is speaking to the early church who more than likely was discouraged with the slow growth of the church that they so hoped would grow.  However, He is also speaking to us who may be scared or discouraged by the slow progress of a growing faith in our family members.  He is saying that God’s work may seem slow, but be assured that God is working in all our lives.  Pope Francis was right when he said recently that we must be creative when we evangelize.  I recently had an experience where I found that much of today’s music has it’s lyrics come from scripture.  Everyone from Lady Gaga, to One Direction, to Mumford and Sons have lyrics based on scripture.  Discovering this made it possible to open dialogue with some teens who didn’t see the connection before.

Jesus is saying to us that even the faith as small as a mustard seed can grow into something beautiful, and like
Christianity can reach to all ends of the earth.

 God bless you all
Deacon Dan MacDonald


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