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Saint Thomas More Pastoral Projects

Pastoral Development


The Pastoral Development Committee was struck in March of  2015.

The purpose of the Pastoral Development Committee is to provide the pastor with input and counsel regarding capital projects to be undertaken in the parish.  Members of this committee include representatives from the Pastoral Council, Finance Council, the parish at large,  as well as the Pastor and Deacon.

2015 Report

2015 has been a busy and fruitful year for the committee.  Projects undertaken include:

  • Development plan for the parish owned lands at Lethbridge and Belvedere.
  • Review of the kitchen facilities.
  • Review of the multimedia capabilities in the church and the hall.
  • Paving project for the church parking lot.

The parish-owned lands at Lethbridge and Belvedere have been surveyed and subdivided in a development plan submitted to HRM on June 1st, 2015.  There have been ongoing discussions with the municipality regarding the parkland.  We await the completion of the process to determine how the playground area may be maintained.

The kitchen has many outdated features and requires significant upgrading in order to meet current standards.  A separate committee has been struck to oversee this process.  There have been two quotes received on design and the committee is currently evaluating them.

The Multimedia project is a fall initiative.

The parking lot tender has been called and awarded to Ocean Contracting.  The quote is for approximately $ 355,000.  The work is to begin the week of July 27th.

Please contact Cyril Muise, Chair with any questions.