We are Disciples too

I was struck with the “great commissioning”, gospel reading for this
Sunday. Especially considering what the disciples had just seen, the death and
resurrection of Jesus lived out right before their eyes. What stood out to me was not
that they worshiped Jesus, but that the reading says some doubted. Why, after all this
would they doubt?
So, I looked at a few other translations, and I came across the use of the word
“hesitated”. It seems more likely that they weren’t questioning their belief in Jesus, it
was that they were unsure of themselves, and what would happen next. What could
the disciples bring to the mission of Jesus? And how could they live out the command of Jesus to make disciples of all
nations? I know many have similar feelings today when it comes to spreading the gospel message. What is it that I
can bring to this incredible commissioning which Jesus calls us to today? It is the same commissioning today, as when
he called the first disciples.
This all got me thinking about the gifts that people have, and the gifts we bring to the service of God with the guidance
of the Holy Spirit. Some have the gift of music, some have a great love and knowledge of scripture, while others have
the gift to preach to congregations. I have known some others too, who witness their faith by their everyday interactions
with people. They don’t talk about their faith all that often, but the Holy Spirit, and the love of Jesus seems to be
present in all they say and do, and in all that they are. I am sure you can think of someone in your life that matches that
description. They bring us closer to Jesus, just by the dignity of their life.
After thinking all of this through, I finally came to the conclusion that Jesus simply wants us to witness to his love for
us and witness to our faith, to whomever we encounter. We can only do that by expressing our gifts and by showing
God not as a distant entity who is far away from our lives, but as a friend who is part of every aspect of our lives. His
spirit flows in all of creation, in love, suffering, and joy. If we do get discouraged and become hesitant though, he gave
us two gifts to help us through. The first gift is the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the second is community,
he gave us each other. So on Sunday, we may gather and be strengthened by the Eucharist, and by the friendships
we develop to help us along the journey. For me, those two elements are the reason that Christianity has grown from
humble beginnings to now reaching the far corners of the earth. All of this was accomplished through witnessing the
love of Jesus to the world, which is in need of Jesus now, more than ever.
God bless you all, Deacon Dan MacDonald



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